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He's the big, bad beast of an alien dragon shifter and he's chosen me as his fated mate.

Battle scarred Drasus is the Kirakos' grumpiest, grouchiest Sarkarnii and he really doesn’t want anyone around him. My former job as a doctor means I’m given the assignment to take care of him as he recovers from his wounds.


Does it matter I’ve only ever treated humans? Apparently not.


Only Drasus doesn’t want to be nursed and he’s determined to make my life absolute hell, or at least the way he growls at me makes me think he does. 


Right up until the point he kisses me...and I like it far too much.


If things couldn't get any more complicated, our kiss means we might be the key to unlocking the star-map which will help the Sarkarnii find what remains of their species. Too bad it also means heading into a life and death mission in the heart of the killer prison maze.


Which is when he goes and loses his memory. Now I have a hotter than hell dragon shifter who doesn't know who he is, but he does know I'm his fated mate.


And he's going to stop at nothing to make me his.

This is an enemies to friends to lovers story which will grab your heart and set parts of you on fire! Can a mild mannered doctor tame the Sarkarnii known as the Beast and will she even want to? Featuring growling, snarling, claiming and many, many rasps of 'mine', you're going to taken on a wild ride!

This pre-order will contain SFW and NSFW art by @lucilart, and will be delivered to you on the 2nd of May 2024 via Bookfunnel ( before being released on Amazon (without the artwork) on the 9th of May 2024.*

*Please note all release dates may be subject to change.

You will get a PDF (1MB) file