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Wild: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance Novella

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He's the monster with an appetite...and I think I'm on the menu...

I've been running from aliens so long, I don't know who is good or bad anymore. So when I take refuge on another spaceship, I'm pretty sure the massive, muscled and winged warriors who stalk the corridors are unlikely to be friendly.

Until I meet Mylo and he turns my world upside down.

My ever hungry Gryn warrior is absolutely not what I'd expect. Kind, brave and, for reasons I don't understand, besotted with me.

Only he's on a mission, and I'm along for the ride. I never expected the mission to end up about both of us, or to tear us apart. All I know is, the universe cannot be so cruel as to offer my Mylo and then take him away.

And he will come for me, no matter what.

Wild is a 30k Gryn Warrior novella connected to, but stand alone from, the Elite Rogue Alien Warriors and Rogue Alien Warriors series. Steamy, sweet, and filled to bursting with winged warriors wanting to sweep you off your feet, grab this book today!

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