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Havoc: Alien Captain's Alliance

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Wanted by the Empire...desired by two massive aliens...resistance is never futile...

Hi, I’m Lexi, soon to be ex-mercenary, thief and assassin. I’ve got one last job and I’m free of this life forever - all I have to do is relieve the galaxy's most evil warlord of one of his prized possessions. Piece of cake, right?

My first mistake was stealing Captain Bron’s stealth drive. Not the best idea if I want to stay off the Haalux Empire’s radar. Mistake number two? Catching a ride with a bunch of spacejunkers, where I’ve picked up a new friend, Graal. He's an enormous golden Rheon male who’s following me around like a puppy dog.

And that’s how I end up stuck on the warlord’s personal planet with an angry Haalux Captain and a possessive Rheon. As distracting as these two alien males are, nothing is getting in the way of my freedom. Falling in love with them? Definitely not an option.

Because the one thing I don’t do is love.

Is Lexi about to meet her match in a strong, protective horned Rheon and a wisecracking Haalux Captain? Smart, sexy, steamy, this trio will take you on a rollercoaster ride! Havoc is the third in the Haalux Empire series by Hattie Jacks.

No cheating, no cliffhangers and a HEA for all.

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