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Bane: Alien Warrior's Redemption

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From USA TODAY Bestselling Sci-Fi Romance author Hattie Jacks brings you a grumpy sunshine romance between a damaged alien warrior and businesswoman who only ever wanted to make good.

An alien warrior with nothing to live for...a human with nothing to lose...

EVE: What I thought was a practical joke is rapidly becoming a nightmare. The plane I don't remember getting on? It crash-landed. The dead man I found? He claims he's an alien species and he says I'm not on Earth anymore.

If my 'alien' would only stop staring at the bottom of a bottle long enough to help me. I've still got time to get back home and rescue the deal of the century.

And if he doesn't, well, I'll do what I always do.

Solve my own problems. 

I certainly will not let this grumpy alien warrior breach my hard shell, and I definately will not be letting him take my heart.

JAK - I came to this planet for solitude. To lick my wounds and to forget all about the Empire. Without my arm, I'm only half the Haalux warrior I once was.

The last thing I need is to be pushed around by an entitled human female who thinks she some sort of princess.

She couldn't care for a broken warrior like me. No one would, and I need to stop torturing myself that she might look in my direction with anything other than pity.

She can go off on her own if she wants. If she doesn't need me, I don't need her.

I stopped being a hero a long time ago. If she thinks I'm going to save her, then she's wrong.

Until I hear her scream.

A story of hurt and redemption, a growly warrior who doesn't want any help, and a human female who believes she doesn't care. A steamy sci-fi romance that will pluck at your heartstrings.

Bane is the fourth in the Haalux Empire series by Hattie Jacks and if you love broken alien warriors who need healing, enemies to lovers, only one bed, forced proximity and a grump but not for her (eventually), then you'll love Bane: Alien Warrior's Redemption.

No cheating, no cliffhanger and, as always, a HEA!

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